Monday, February 27, 2012

Squishy Pants

I was up late last night, chatting with my older two teens.  Do teen boys chat?  Maybe we were just talking.  (Why do teens want to stay up late to talk to you?  They are worse that babies for not letting Mom get sleep!)

I mentioned that I thought my new skinny jeans were very comfortable.  They are much better than the last time I had skinny jeans (I pegged them myself.  In junior high.  Yikes.), when they cut off my circulation at the knee if I tried to bend them.

Alec said he liked his suit pants, and Ben said his tux pants (he wears them for symphony concerts) were the most comfortable.  "Other than a little bit of squishy, it's like not wearing anything at all!"

"Squishy?  You have squishy in your tux pants?"  I asked, confused.

"Mom! I said SWISHY!"  Turning to Alec, Ben demanded, "You heard me say swishy!"

"No," was the innocent response.  "I heard 'squishy'."

And would you like some squishy pants?  Like wearing nothing at all!  <tee hee>  It's fun to tease these great big boys.

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