Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beachy Waves Tutorial

I have difficult hair.  Everyone who has said that in the last few days, raise your hands.  All together now!  I'm always on the lookout for hairstyles that are easy to do and maintain, and that my particular hairs won't object too strongly to.  I've noticed the "beachy waves" style cropping up all over the place, and I like it.

I've found a picture of the hair-do for you, complete with beach and waves:
Here is an involved how-to.

I'll imagine that she is looking down, with love, at the three or four small children who are holding her perfectly bronzed hands.  This is how I look, too.

But I have a more better, easier-est way to achieve this popular look, and I'll even share it with you.  For free.

STEP ONE: wash your hair.  (later in the evening works best.)

STEP TWO: put a towel over your pillow.  (so your damp hair doesn't soak your pillow and wake you up by putting your face in the wet spot.  Yuck.)

STEP THREE:  sleep with hunky husbandly guy.  (Hi, Mom!  Now you know what I do at night!)

STEP FOUR: in the morning, don't comb it.

Ta da!  That's it!    (I think step three is the most vital one.)  :-)

(I forgot to mention step 1/2 which reads: have thick, unruly hair that will never do anything you want it to, and has enough wave to not be straight but not enough to be curly.  And step 4 1/2 where you can put de-frizzers in it so you won't look all wild like I do  That's the fine print.)

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