Thursday, February 9, 2012

Looks Clean To Me

We have cats.  I know, you'd think that we have enough of the two-legged variety of animals.  Exactly why we have cats is an interesting story, but I'll just say that it has to do with a mouse that ran over the top of me.  In the middle of the night.  While I was trying to sleep.  And now we have two cats.

The cats live outside, since I have a cat allergy.  We have a large wooden doghouse cathouse that they call home.  For some reason I don't understand, their cat food lives in our house.  We have repeatedly asked Chris, who is in charge of the cats right now, to find some other place for the food to live.  He repeatedly puts it off.

And now the babies have found the monster 25 pound bag of cat food.  And they have decided that eating cat food is yummy.  And playing in cat food is fun.  So they dumped nearly the entire bag out, all over the floor.  Chris was not happy about cleaning it up.  I asked him to put the cat food in a bucket or outside, so he put it in a bucket.

The next day, the babies found the cat food again.  This time, I asked him to put a lid on the bucket.  He cleaned up the mess, and got out a lid.  The next day, the babies found the cat food again.  Chris was even less happy about having to clean it up.  He argued and stormed about it, and finally told me it was done.  When we went downstairs a while later, there was still cat food from one wall to the other!

Me:  (exasperated) "Chris, I told you to clean up that cat food!"
Chris:  "Yes, you did."
Me:  (getting angry) "Then why didn't you do it?"
Chris:  "I did."
Me:  (incredulous) "You cleaned it up?"
Chris:  "Yes, I did."
Me:  (starting to spit fire) "Then why do I still see cat food all over the floor?!"
Chris:  "It looked clean to me... in the dark"

Needless to say, he cleaned it up again.  This time, I asked him to put the lid on the bucket tightly.

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