Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rapunzel Hair

"Let down your golden hair!"  I loved this story as a little girl.  Maybe because I had so much thick, long hair.  Mine was mousy brown, not golden, but I still imagined myself as the girl who could throw down a beautiful rope of hair.  Imaginations are great, aren't they?

I wrote about the "Tangled" theme party my niece recently had.  Angel and I made some "Rapunzel hair" to give for the birthday.  Only, Angel wanted some, too.  We had to make two Rapunzel hairs.  The first one (on the left) was made with another pattern, and was too big.  The one on the right was juuuust right.  So that's the one I'll tell you about.  (Click on the pictures to get them big enough to see the detail.)

First of all, I have to say kudos to my incredible creative sister-in-law.  She invented these, has them for sale (only $30 each - she also makes the most adorable princess dresses to go with them!  Leave a comment if you would like her to make one for you), and showed me how to make them.  It did take longer than I thought it would, but then again, who am I kidding that I have time to make things??

I used the crown found here, and made a pattern from it.  The front of the crown is satin and medium-heavy interfacing; the back is satin and (underwear!) elastic.   I decorated it with puffy fabric painted dots (for small jewels), and stick-on pink, purple and silver jewels (I got mine at the huge-o mongo national craft store chain).

The braid is about a yard of yellow or gold-ish cotton fabric, and quilt batting.  I tucked in some ribbons and hot-glued on a bunch of flowers.

Twa-dah!  That was it!  I wish I could make things in the time I could read about them.  Now wouldn't that be nice?

Last step:  Put it on your little girl and watch her imagination kick in.  Angel loves to wear her "Punzel Hair," and wants me to make some for the babies too.  Don't think I'll go there.

Happy Tangled!

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