Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bibby Bo Bah Boo

Or maybe it was "Booby boo bah."  Hard to tell.

Our Angel was watching YouTube videos of little girls in ballet recitals.  She couldn't sit still, but had to stand and mimic the motions of the dancers.  She jumped and swayed, extended her legs and moved her arms to the music.  At one point, she ran away, rifled through the dress-up box, and came back wearing a fluffy tulle skirt.  She loved watching the little girls dancing.  Perhaps I should start including dance in our daily preschool routine.  I'm pretty sure she and the babies would love it.  And it would be so easy now that our sound system is finally hooked up (Thanks, Alec!  Never mind that knee you put through the living room ceiling while pulling cords in the attic!  Just glad that you're ok and we have our tunes.).

The last dance Angel watched was a gaggle of girls with fairy wands, dancing to "Bibbity Bobbity Boo."  She loved the magic wands, the fluffy tutus, the dance shoes... everything.  And she has been trying as hard as she could to say the magic fairy godmother words.  It's not working for her.  Bibee boo bah.  Booby boo.  Bah.....

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