Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

When I was in college, I actually wore black to protest Valentine's Day.  I made up armbands with a heart in a red circle with a slash through it and distributed them to other students in my classes.  I even made a movie of a heart being blown up for an assignment in a multimedia class.  I wasn't fond of the day.  I thought it was silly to have a day when lovers were required to buy things to prove their affection.  I was pretty cynical then.

Now, I still think it is silly to have ONLY one day to celebrate love, but I think any excuse to show love is a good one.  This year's Valentine's Day looked like this for me:

I hold many hearts in mine.  My children, my sweetheart, my parents, my brothers, my sisters...  It's all love, even though they are all so different in the way they love me, and in the way I love them.

I got a big, juicy, "Hi!" from Frederick when I walked into the room, a tender snuggle from Eddie, and a nearly-knock-you over hug from Angel.  David gave me a sincere "Thanks Mom!" when we picked him up from school after he threw up.  Eddie whispered, "I love you lots" into my ear at bedtime.  Alec told me that he liked to tell me about his day, and Ben yelled, "I love you, too!" on his way down the stairs.  I saw a beautiful, glowing sunset sent straight from Heaven.  My sweet folks brought me peanut butter M&Ms. Chris even danced with me for half a song when Trent tricked him into cutting in on us.   And Trent danced with me.  Mmmm.

I can go to bed tonight, a happy lady, because I love.  And I know that I am loved, too.

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