Monday, February 6, 2012

Nursing Times Two

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I nurse my twins.  Yes, it's fairly easy.  Not effortless, mind you, but easier than two bottles of formula many, many times every day - and night!  That's not the only reason.  I have loved nursing all of my babies.  Yes, they bite.  Yes, we've had thrush.  Yes, I'm somewhat exposed.  Yes, I've leaked all over the place.  Yes, it's a lot like juggling - while trying not to flash the everyone in the neighborhood.

BUT it's worth it.  I love holding my little ones close.  I love hearing their daddy tell them, "That's the good stuff!"  I am amazed that I can make the perfect food for them.  I love seeing their fat little tummies when they are full.  I love watching them pull off with a big, sloppy, milk-drunk grin.  I love always having food for them. I love how easy and convenient breast milk is.

And I love how the twins kick each other and jostle for position.  I love how they like to twirl hair while they nurse - their own, each other's, or mine.  Sometimes it drives me crazy, and I cut my hair once because baby Angel couldn't leave it alone.  Mostly, though, I like it.  I love how their little fingers grope in the air for something to stroke. I love catching and kissing their little fists.  I love the snuggling.  I love how baby Ben always wanted to put his fist over my heart, and how baby Chris wanted me to hold his hand, and how baby David insisted on running his arm up my sleeve.  I love how excited they are to get milk, fingering my shirt and signing "milk."  And I love how groggy and sleepy they get as they fill up.  I love to love them - and I love to see their love for me.  It makes for happy Mommy moments.

Yeah, I'll nurse the little guys.  I've got two spigots, after all.

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