Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Funny Family Faux Talent Show

We were in charge of the talent show for the family reunion.  We have so many talented people in the family, and a few with fabulous talents (I'm looking at you, boys who perform on Broadway!).  We all love to hear them sing and play the piano, but it does make some of the others a little bashful about sharing their talents.  No.  We need all the talents.

A couple of weeks before the reunion, I got all the volunteers I could, and then set out to find talents for the others.  Everyone has talents!  You just might not know about them yet.  So anyone who didn't offer a talent would get assigned one, and I let them know.  Too many people gave the wimpy, "I'm not really good at anything." Maybe this is how they would find out that they were good at something, after all.  Ha!

When everyone knew that I was serious about having a variety of talents, we got some pretty good volunteers.  We had a grocery guru share the secrets of picking produce.  We saw coin collections and home-made arrowheads.  We had singing and piano-playing, knock-knock jokes and skits.  We had a few art displays, as well.  But for the other folks, we had to draw them out and help them find their hidden talents.  

Between the volunteers, I called up family members and had them show us a talent that I picked from a list of possible talents.  They were impressive.  Here are the ideas I came up with, if you want to have your own faux talent show:

Sing a song from a Disney movie (we had soundtracks and props for several)
Yodel (with accompanying music)
Do a rain dance
Do a hula dance (wearing a grass skirt) (or tap dance, belly dance, riverdance, haka...)
Perform a magic trick (we brought a top had, gloves, a magic wand, and cards)
Dance the Can Can (with the appropriate accompaniment)
Play a song on a plastic recorder (of course we had a cheap plastic recorder!)
Walk down the runway (with large heels and a feather boa)
Impersonate a famous person
Pick something up with your toes
Breakdance or do the limbo
Do a puppet show (with socks)
Be a mime
Paint your best Bob Ross happy trees
Do a yoga demonstration / teach a yoga class
Do a dramatic reading from Dr. Seuss (we brought Hop on Pop)
Do a superhero demonstration (with cape)
"Whistle While You Work" while pantomiming chores
Yo a yo-yo
Snap all your fingers at once
Perform a kazoo duet
Do a cartwheel

We did have a bucket full of props (like a long red wig for "Ariel" to sing "Part of Your World," wooden spoons for the Swedish Chef) and soundtrack music for all the accompaniments.  Yes, it was a very long talent show.  But I've never laughed so hard!  Everyone had a great time and we did discover some impressive new talents.  Dr. Suess has never sounded more... impressive than the day Grandpa read it out loud.

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