Monday, February 13, 2012


All the kidlets are in bed.  <whew>  We have family scripture study (We're almost done with Luke in the Old Testament right now), and family prayer, and then the bed-rush begins.  I almost didn't use the word rush, because it seems more like a crawl to bed, or a "whatever I can do other than going to bed."  But then I thought it was kind of like traffic during rush hour.  You want it to be going fast, but it doesn't.  Yes.  Like that.

The older boys are too big to say their prayers at Mama's knee, of course.  Except Eddie.  He still comes and kneels down in front of me to pray, although his prayer is silent, not for my ears.  I don't always know he has silently crept there, and I sometimes feel bad for continuing the "Yes, I told you to put your book down.  Go to bed.  Don't forget to brush your teeth." mothering that happens at the end of the day, when I really should be cherishing a little moment to witness my son reaching up to Heaven.

I do enjoy listening to their prayers, when they will let me.  David's prayers have gotten very sincere (and long), and it's fun for me to know what kinds of things are important to him.  I especially like the prayers of the tiny tots.  For a few years, Ben always began his prayer by addressing "Hammy Butter."  It was hard not to laugh, or at least chuckle a little.  Here is little miss Angel's prayer tonight, for your amusement.

Mom:  Let's say your prayers now.
Angel: I can do it by mineself!  Heavenly Father, thank you for the day.  Thank you for me.  (pause)  Thank you for me.  Thank you for mine family... (long pause)  Oh!  (Her eyes fly open)  I haf a pinch on mine cheek!  Georgie pinched me and left an owie.
Mom:  (prompting) Bless my cheek to feel better.
Angel:  Bless mine pinch to get all better.  Thank you for me.  Oh!  I think I haf a yucky in mine nose!
Mom: (trying to keep things on track) Help me to sleep well.
Angel:  I do haf a yucky in mine nose!  (digs it out)  Here, Mom.  Take it!
Mom: (giving up) Amen.
Angel:  No!  I haf to say help me to sleep well!
Mom:  Go ahead then.
Angel:  Thank you for me.  Help me sheep, Jesus, amen.

And amen.

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