Friday, February 10, 2012

Crawling Out

Was it just a few days ago that I had the audacity to say out loud that the babies didn't crawl out of the crib?  I guess they took that as a challenge.  Little Georgie was the first to figure out how to monkey down the sides and get out.  Freddie was left, alone, in the crib, howling for his best buddy to come back.  Or maybe he just wanted to get out, too.  Well, it didn't take Freddie long to learn how to get out, and now they are both free.  Free!  Free at last!  So we put them down for a nap, close the door, and walk down the hall.  Then the doorknob slowly turns and two babies exultantly explode from their confines.  They are so proud of themselves!

I am nervous about them hurting themselves (or each other) by falling or getting stuck while climbing, so I devised a solution to keep them more safe.  What do you think?

It kept them in there long enough to take a picture, anyway!

We took out the old cribs, sold them on Craig's List, and bought a new, convertible crib.  We have the side rail off so it is a toddler bed, and put a step stool there so they could get in and out easily (and safely).  There goes another piece of their babyhood.  <sigh>  Sometimes I hate that they grow up.

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