Monday, February 6, 2012

Ben's Good Day

Ben came to me tonight, a big grin splitting his freckles.  "I had a good day today, Mom," he said with a deep, satisfied sigh.  Isn't that a nice feeling to have at the end of a day?

His basketball team won the first game of their end-of-season tournament by more than 20 points.  Ben was the high scorer of the game.  Better yet, there were some cute girls who came to watch and cheer the boys on. Success is even sweeter when it is witnessed and celebrated - by teenaged girls, no less.

He got to play laser tag with Alec, Eddie, and some cousins (Chris was grounded and grumpy, and David had a science fair project to make me do tonight).  They are having such a great time going so often.  Hooray for year-long passes.

Ben told me that he especially enjoyed his chemistry class.  I knew it was too easy and a bit boring, so I was surprised to hear that this was part of his good day.  He explained, "I fell asleep."  (Mother sitting up in her chair... whaaaat??)  "I was just so tired (he's just getting over a bad sore throat), and I fell asleep.  The teacher woke me up about three minutes before class was over, and said, 'Well, Ben, since you are so smart and can sleep through class, you can tell us what the answer to number 7B is.'  I had already finished the assignment, so I just looked down and told him what the answer was and it was right."  Ben's face beamed, blushing with that teen mixture of happy and embarrassed.  "It was pretty sweet."

But he had to admit that the day just started out right with the orange shake he made himself for breakfast.  Starts out sweet, ends up sweet.  I want to feel like that at the end of my day, too.

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