Monday, October 21, 2013

We've Been Hit!

Our doorbell rang the other night during dinner.  I used to answer the door, but I don't anymore.  NowI just wait for the kids to rush the door and I come if they call for me.  Saves time.  It's rarely for me anyway.  But this time, there was (insert spooky Halloween music) no one there.

Just a plate of goodies on the doorstep, with a note.  We are supposed to make two more plates of goodies and deliver them, with a copy of the note, to other neighbors.  And put the ghost up in our window so others will know we've already been hit.  It's like a grown-up chain letter with cookies.

We don't have a copier to copy off the page our secret friends gave us, but we found another one here.

So tonight Chris is making chocolate chip cookies (can I make them without oatmeal in them please, Mom?), and we'll package them up.  The kids love the knocking and running.  I think David will put on his black morph suit for the adventure.  So fun

Just for today, bake some cookies and spread the fun with your neighborhood.  Oh, and make a third plate for you, too!

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