Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Find the Happy Face

Yesterday, I wrote about counting the happy things you come across.  There are so many good things to find... when we will just start looking.

Yeah, that's the kind of things we are looking for.  That comes from a list of things I believe, and it's the 13th item, if you are wondering why it has the 13 in the background.  You can find the entire list here, and it is chock-full of things that make me happy.

My neighbor brought her bubbly little daughter over for a tea party.  Angel figured out that she didn't get the birthday party she wanted because we were on vacation for her birthday, so I've been placating her with a few low-key tea parties.  Problem solved.  Anyway, as I was chatting with my neighbor, the house got a trifle too quiet.  You know what that means.

I found Georgie in my bathroom, stripped naked to the waist.  He was coating his chest with deodorant (the room smelled yummy of Old Spice, but that's beside the point).  Oh, and he used a bottle of my lotion to finger-paint all over the mirror.  His accomplice, Freddie, had already fled the scene.  I laughed.  And laughed (but not in front of the perpetrator).  This is how I can tell I am getting to be an older mother, because I laugh first and dole out punishments later.  I'm getting soft that way, but more fun!

So I haven't had the use of my bathroom mirror for a few days.  There was too much going on, and I didn't remember about it until I was too tired and going to bed.  Trent got tired of it sooner than I did and scraped and cleaned (and cleaned and cleaned) off the mirror.  I walked into the bathroom and it sparkled!  What a Sweetheart he is.  I looked in the mirror and saw - for the first time in a week - a big smile on my face.  

It looked good.  And it felt good.  The smile, not the mirror.  The clean reflection just showed me what my own smile looked like.  Trent tells me that my smile is one of his favorite things about mt.

So for today, I'm smiling.  At everything I can.  My goal is to have sore face muscles tomorrow.

Yup.  Each one of those areas is affected by a big, genuine smile.  Try it with me?  Maybe 'll even count smiles.  Where's that clicker?  I know I set it down somewhere around here...

Just for!

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