Monday, October 28, 2013


I have the funniest kids.  Well, maybe not the funniest.  That honor probably goes to my sister-in-law, whose children are constantly saying the most hilarious things.  But we have some pretty funny things going on here, too.  And the laughter that my children create helps to balance out the wild and stressful and not-so-funny times.

Yesterday, the twins came home from the nursery at church wearing spider hats.  I think they talked about the creation/Halloween.  Creative mix.  Georgie was running around the house and Angel and her little friend were running from him, screaming.  He wasn't chasing them; he just wanted to play with them.  As he ran through the living room, he yelled at them, "Don't run!  The Georgie-spider is nice!"

Angle got tired and spent half an hour telling me all that was wrong with the world as I held and quieted her.  In the middle of a sentence, she interrupted herself to pose the question, "What if we ate a bus?"  He abrupt shift of topics led to her telling me about stone-and-marshmallow sandwiches.  A few minutes later, after gesturing to show how big something was, she exclaimed, "Hey!  I wish I didn't have a thumb!"

Georgie was growling, pretending to be a hungry lion.  Calmly, Freddie asked, "Are you mad?"  Pause.  Renewed growling.  "Yes!"  Still calm, Freddie replied, "Don't be mad so I can look at you."

Freddie fell down and got a minor hurt.  He came running for me and climbed on my lap.  Stroking his hair, I told him that I loved him, then asked, "You are getting so big!  What will you do when you can't fit on my lap anymore?"  He thought for a while before answering, "Um... eat spicy sauce."

This quote is from Marjorie Hinckley, one of my mothering heroes, and it's literally true for me.  Many are the times I've made a feeble joke in the hopes it would ward off tears.  It almost always works.

Just for today, find something funny or even ridiculous and laugh.  It helps happy.

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