Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Scout Is

My mom was a scout leader when I was growing up.  She was a natural.  She worked so well with the "Blazer Boys" who were 11 years old.  She knew what made a boy tick - she had four of them herself!  I watched as she cooked tin foil dinners with her scouts in the backyard fire pit she dug for that purpose.  I watched her sit down with the boys and go over requirements.  She was patient and fun.  I wished I were a boy so I could be in scouts.  I even begged to join Girl Scouts, but to no avail.  In retrospect, that wouldn't have been good for me.

But I have always loved the boy scouting program.  I think it did great things for my brothers, and I can see the ways it has helped my boys grow and learn good things.

Chris and David have been working on some of their scout requirements.  Chris only has a few merit badges left - and his Eagle project - before he can join the ranks of Eagle Scout like his brother Alec.  Ben has his project done and is finishing up his last merit badges.  David is just beginning, but full of enthusiasm.

I think there are lots of good things I can learn from these my scouts boys.  First off, maybe I should learn the Scout Law.

See that "cheerful" in there?  That's happy.  And "clean" makes me happy too.

Just for today, pick a virtue and pursue it.  Maybe it will even lead to more happy.

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