Saturday, October 26, 2013

Be Patient With Yourself

I had a million things going on.  And at least half of them were things going wrong.

I had to make emergency runs (yes, plural) to the big box store and to the grocery store.

We got all out-of-whack about out meal schedule, which ends up meaning that we have kids at random times who get hungry or grouchy when they didn't eat at the last meal because they were still too full from the meal before.  I can be more flexible with meal times when there are fewer people around, but with everybody home, on a Saturday, it turned out to be not pretty.

I doled out normal Saturday chores at the beginning of the day, but I didn't follow up.  So some chores got done and others didn't.  Evidently, I also promised (did I?) to help a child or two with their chores (did I really?), so they spent the day waiting for me to come and help.

I was supposed to be working on Halloween costumes, but couldn't get around to it.

The cat stunk up the basement.  I've been warning the boys about leaving blankets or clothing on the floor.  I'll have to find the source of the stink, and get it cleaned up.

I had to give a couple of haircuts.  That's always a mess.  And the twins dragged themselves through the hair clippings, so there was twice the mess.

I stayed up late helping a boy finish his English paper.  All the commas in the essay had to be perfect, the teacher said.  I now know more about comma rules.  But it took much longer than we thought it would.

I chauffeured a  boy to a dance, then forgot to pick him up.

At 11:30 pm, I was finally able to start working on my Relief Society lesson.  I had to start over because I had lost the original text I had been working on.

You've had days like this.  Not necessarily with the same activities, but with the same level of too-much-to-do-and-not-enough-time-and-too-much-stress.  They happen, and we need to just accept that.  We can't always avoid them - although I could probably have planned my time and allocated my resources better.

So when a really wild, stressful day comes around, be nice to yourself.  Do the best you can.  Breathe occasionally.  You will get through.

Just for today, be patient with yourself.  This will pass.

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