Saturday, October 5, 2013

Find the Happy in Me

This week, we've talked about finding happy things around us.  Sometimes it helps to literally count our blessings, because we might not realize how many there are.  The very act of looking for good retrains our minds towards the positive, instead of our default negative.  It seems to be human nature to see the bad things first.  Maybe its a way that we can use to improve those areas that need work.

But when I think of all the areas that need work...


..still thinking of problem zones...

..we could be here all day...'s easy to become discouraged.  Because, honestly, are the places that couldn't use a bit of sprucing up?  Or maybe a lot?  Once we get to the point that there isn't any room for improvement, we achieve perfection.  If you ask me, perfect might be a little bit boring.

I think a big part of this life is striving to become more like God - who is perfect.  We won't get to perfect here, and I think the comparison of what we know is ultimately possible with the imperfect human conditions we have here leads to discontent.  Hopefully we can use that to continue to strive for betterment.  Unfortunately, it can also lead to overwhelming feeling of discouragement and depression if we expect perfection now.

In recognizing how I look at myself in the mirror, I have realized that I'm not very kind to myself.  I criticize and backtalk, complaining and scolding about all the shortfalls and mistakes I have.  I'm carrying around an enemy!  If I had a friend who talked to me like that, I'd have to get into counseling to learn how to get rid of that friend.

I want to have a friend who is positive and uplifting.  The people who are good to me say things like "Oh, this is your mess?  This is nothing!"  And "No, that sweater really looks great on you."  and "Cut yourself a break.  You have how many people living in your house?!?"

No one is around me more than me.  So I ought to be the one with the positive voice, the one who spreads cheer and happiness... to me.  When I am more happy, I am better able to then spread that goodness around.  So I ought to find the wonderful, the awesome, to good... in me.  I'm not perfect, but I'm getting better all the time.  And that's what counts.

Just for today, look for the good in yourself.  Compliment yourself like a best friend would.  Smile about exactly what you are today.  And use that happiness to continue to do better.

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