Thursday, October 17, 2013

Be Happy Through the Rain

We wanted to go camping, but the weather was not cooperative.  It was raining like crazy.

Good thing we took our whole house with us (thanks, wonderful neighbors of ours, for letting us borrow your wheels!).

But still, it was cold and wet and drippy and I was hoping so hard that the trip we had planned for so long wouldn't turn out to be miserable.  We were going camping, and hiking and rock climbing and playing in the great outdoors.  But we decided that we were still going, rain or not!  After a few hundred miles, we started to see this:

And then finally,  "fly-knee," as Freddie says it, we made it.  And it was beautiful after all.  So glad we didn't let a little rain stand in the way of our good time.

Just for today, press on through the rain.  And smile.  Even rain is beautiful!

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