Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today I...

Today I have been working on our family room.  I took apart our at-least-30-years-old brownish metallic ceiling fan and spray painted it.  It takes a few moments to write this, but most of the day to do it.  I unscrewed the bulbs and removed the glass shades.  I wiped the dust bunny colony off the blades, washed the glass shades, and found a pleasant surprise: they weren't really frosted yellow, but clear glass!  The metal parts got a new, shiny coat of silver, and the blades went white.  I actually got it put back together before dinner.

I made dinner.  Yes, with spray paint on my fingers.  It was pizza and I didn't make enough (durn growing boys).  I washed, folded, and put away a load of towels.  I washed a load of jeans and gently dumped them in the middle of the floor because they look nice there.  I drove carpool to the school in the morning and in the afternoon, and went back again later because David had to stay after school (too many missed math assignments, I think.  Must have mother-talk with him.).

I listened to Alec tell me about how he asked a girl out to Prom (filled her locker with chocolate kisses.  She opens her locker, they all spill out, and she finds a note to the tune of "now that I've kissed the ground you walk on, would you accompany me to Prom?"  I also gave him a shoulder massage.  He loves me now.

I did my Pilates workout.  I didn't complain too much.  I visited with my amazing mother.  I babysat two of my adorable nieces.  I let the big boys watch Psych (their favorite show), and the little ones watch Green Eggs and Ham.  I acquired a gallon of "oops" paint in a lovely minty-sagey green color - just perfect for my bedroom (thanks, Erica!).  I did the dishes.  I made sure two scouts got to their meetings on time.  I held and loved on my babies.

But I didn't pay the bills, or get to the grocery store.  Good thing there is a tomorrow!

Today I am happy.

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