Saturday, April 7, 2012

High Waters

We have attractive ankles in this family.  I know, because I see them on a regular basis.  All the boys like to wear the low- or no-show socks.  Hello, ankles!  We also have an apparent aversion to wearing long pants.  They must feel too restrictive, or something.  We had to institute a rule that no shorts could be worn when the temperature was below freezing.  Ben sprints up the starts on a start winter morning, heads straight to the outdoor thermometer on the back door, cheers if it is 35 degrees, and dons his shorts.

Between the shorts and the low socks lie the ankles.  Hey, good looking!  Oh, and the pants are so often too short.  More ankles.  These boys grow like a bunch of tipsy dandelions who got into the Miracle Gro. Why do I not notice their lovely ankles until we are at church?  Last week, David's choice of white socks to wear between his dark pants and black shoes didn't help to camouflage the ankle situation.

Eddie just brought me a crop of nice jeans that had somehow shrunk.  We used to call them "floods," or "high waters," thinking they would be useful to wear when splashing so you wouldn't get your clothes very wet.  Chris's socks and ankles are getting a bit too much airtime, as well.

Here is Ben, just after his recent band performance.  How handsome (the ankles).  The rest of him is pretty fetching, as well.  Too bad these are expensive tuxedo pants ("thuckth-ah-do," for all you Father of the Bride fans) - not something I can run down to the store and just pick up.  Come to think of it, I can never run down to the store and just pick up some pants for this tall drink of water.  When was the last time you saw a pair of 28x36 pants on the rack?  Maybe he's a 30 inch waist now.  That would help a tiny bit.

Until then, we're ready for the flood.

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