Friday, April 6, 2012

Paint Happy

Ben came home from school today at the regular time.  It always startles me just a bit that my afternoon is that far gone.  Naptime quiet vanishes so quickly around here.  Before Ben even came around the corner to where he could see me, he loudly announced, "Mom, I know you are painting again."  Busted.

I've already painted the finials on the curtain rod, several picture frames, a wall sconce, and the ceiling fan.  They all look great.  Today it was the fireplace.  Perhaps I'm getting carried away.  Maybe the fumes are getting to me.  But you see, we moved into this house over two years ago.  It is 40 years old, and hasn't been updated at all.  I'm finally out to change that up a bit.

May I present... the fireplace, in all its 1970's glory:

The stonework is massive.  It is wide, and goes all the way to the ceiling.  It matches the floor in the front entryway.  I have to say that stone isn't my favorite material, but it would be suicide to tear it out.  I've decided to like it instead.  Much easier.  The gas fireplace matches the stone nicely, but I can't quite deal with the gold trim.  

I cleaned the whole thing (ew), and protected the stone with some butcher paper, a drop cloth, masking tape, and one of David's old research papers on Eli Whitney.  A can of high heat black spray paint later, we had this instead:

I thought it would be glossy, but it didn't turn out that way.  I'm trying to decide if it is worth repainting.  Maybe I'll just learn to like it.  It is less interesting to look at, which is what I wanted.  I also painted the fireplace glass with a nice clear coat.  See how clear it made the formerly smoky glass?  Wouldn't it be nice to have clear paint that actually made things clear?  I'd use it on lots of things!  How about clean paint - makes things clean?  I'd be addicted.

I think I need to rest from the fumes now for a few days.  No more painting.  Except that hook that sticks out of the ceiling that I can hang a plant on.  And maybe a few more picture frames.  And the eyeball lights.  And...

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