Friday, April 13, 2012

Behind Closed Doors

I keep my bedroom door closed, and the bathroom door, and Trent's office door, and the door at the bottom of the stairs.  All closed.  With child-proof doorknob covers.  There are lots of places I'd rather my little ones not go.  It's hard enough to keep track of them when we are in the same room!

As a result, my room stays clean, but stuffy.  I open my bedroom door when the babies take their nap, or when they go to bed at night.  Yesterday, I went in my room during nap time and found... a mess.  I did get a picture of the mess before I blew my stack, but now they've gotten a hold of my camera and lost it.  Bad words.

I had just purchased a few little baby plants, something like these.

My sweet, adorable, pinch-your-cheeks babies were playing in my new plants.  They had dumped dirt all over the dresser, the windowsill, the floor, and themselves.  Georgie had dirt in his hair.  Freddie was fingerpainting in the dirt on the ottoman.  The pots were empty, and one poor little plant was being happily waved about, its poor roots bare and exposed.

I put the babies back to bed, scooped up the bedraggled plants and hastily re-potted them.  Then I wiped and vacuumed.  Now I'm hoping they survive.

I guess my little tykes can get out of their room during nap time now.  <sigh>  Keep those doors closed, Mama!

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