Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Emergency Homework

David came up to me, not an hour an a half ago, while we were in the middle of gathering everyone for prayers.  He held out a paper and quietly said, "I just found this in my backpack, so... ummm...?"  The paper was a note from his teacher, telling parents (who were supposed to sign and return it) about a four-week course of study about genetics and inherited traits.  Evidently, David was supposed to do a science-fair-type project, complete with display board and oral presentation.  And it is due... TOMORROW.

Feeling small but growing amounts of frustration here.

It's Emergency Homework time.  Emergency Homework means that while Mom will help you, she is not happy about it.  We do the basic amount necessary, with no bells or frills.  It will be neat, but not nice.  And Emergency Homework means that you are in big trouble, Buddy.

We have worked on it ever since - him working frantically, me guiding.  And now I want to go to bed.  We have a poster to put together in the morning.  Argh.

Edited to add:  We did it - here is the completed poster.  I am going back to bed.  Or at least I wish I were.

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