Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Man Make-up

No, there is no cross-dressing going on in our home.  Only the women (and that's just me!) wear make-up around here.  Make-up is so ubiquitous that we sometimes don't even notice it.  And then again, sometimes we do.

Trent was waiting in the line at a fast food joint.  He, the boys, and some of my brothers had gone to get an ice cream together.  When he returned home, he was telling me (while letting me finish his yummy Oreo shake) about the cashier.

"She was watching the couple at the front of the line argue about what they were going to order.  Her head stayed still, her expression never changed, but her eyes darted back and forth from one argue-er to the other, like she was watching a very boring tennis match."  Trent went on, "But the thing that made it all perfect were her eyes.  She had on very dark eye make-up, which exaggerated her bored look.  You know, the black..." he paused, searching for the word, his expressive hands drawing circles over his eyes, "...highlighter."

Yes, I do know.  And it's called eyeliner.  

And thanks for sharing your shake!

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