Saturday, April 14, 2012

Science Olympiad

Congratulations to Alec!  He just called from the university where his high school is competing in the Science Olympiad.  He's been working hard, for the third year in a row, on building and flying rubber-band powered helicopters, answering all kinds of physics questions, and building mechanical robot arms..

I couldn't hear him very well for all the squealing and cheers, but there was something about "took first place in the state," and "going to nationals," and "Orlando."  

I love seeing my children involved where they can really excel.  It makes it even more worthwhile when others realize how great my kids are.  <smile>  But the best part, at the end of the brief phone call, was when he said, "I love you, Mom."

I don't get that very often from my teenagers.  That makes it all the sweeter.

I love you too, buddy.  And how are you getting to Florida?

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