Saturday, April 14, 2012

Great New Recipe

I guess Freddie was a little bit hungry this evening.  I was helping David finish up the school project he has been working on this week (bad words for teachers who give lots of homework over spring break), and Trent was wrangling the little ones.  I heard cupboards and small clankings in the kitchen, but thought it was just Ben, getting himself a snack.  It wasn't.

Freddie had climbed up onto the counter, opened the spice cupboard, and was busily pouring.  When I got to him, he had already dumped about a cup of sugar on the counter, and was mixing in a bottle of Cajun spices.  Red-hot sugar, anyone?

I wasn't able to extricate him from the mess and clean him up before he put his fingers in his mouth.  Yowza!  Maybe he'll think twice about trying that particular stunt again.

No, he'll find another one.

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