Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, David!

We picked David up from school to take him out for his birthday lunch.  For some reason (maybe because he is the fourth birthday this year?), he was expecting it.  We took him through the Mexican fast food drive-up, he placed his order, and the girl tallied it up.  "That's funny!" she said through the crackly speaker.  Dave and I looked at each other blankly, but pulled forward anyway.  At the window, she slid open the glass, held out her hand, and repeated the amount owed.  "That's funny" sounds an awful lot like "Three twenty," don't ya know?  We got a kick out of it.

David loves green, so that's what we had for dinner.

Green Koolaid in washed-out soda bottles, green grapes, (white) chocolate melted over pretzels and popcorn with green sprinkles.

Grilled cheese and green onion sandwiches, cream of broccoli soup with more green onions - and wear your best green shirt, of course!

And the cake was green.  I had fun trying to make the layers different shades of green, (hard to see, because my cake-making is admittedly better than my photography).

The family favorites were the pretzel/popcorn/sprinkles mix, and the green drinks.  Trent thought we might need to pour the Koolaid into glasses, but they loved drinking out of the bottles!  The boys experimented with different hand positions, trying to figure out what was the best way to grip the bottle.  Grip the neck, or put the pinky out?  They were fun to watch!

What a fun boy our David is!  I love his reckless grin, his quiet thoughtfulness, and his tender caring for someone who is hurt.  Playing rough and wild is his style, and he makes up fun games for his sister and the twins.  David is bright, and I have enjoyed watching him excel in his gifted class this year.  Happy birthday, David - I'm so glad you're in our family!

The birthday boy, with his second-place science fair project.  Way to go!

Love you, Buddy!

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