Saturday, April 21, 2012

Angel's Room

We've (I've) been working on spiffing up our house.  We moved in a while ago, but since then we've had a pregnancy, bedrest, twin babies, Angel's accident, twin toddlers, a couple of floods, teenagers... and they all want dinner.  Every day.  The nerve!

So we haven't finished moving in.  Most of our walls are bare.  We could use some decorating and pretty-ing (although we can't actually pretty with boys, can we?).  I'm working on it, and actually enjoying myself.  There isn't much time in a day that I can do what I want to, but I can sneak in a bit here or there.  It's like playing Tetris with your time, while working around moving minefields.  What an adventure.

Anywho, Angel's bedroom looks pretty sweet.  I showed you her bed back with the other beds here, but here it is again.
Vinyl wall stickers from the dollar store, hanging string of butterflies from Hobby Lobby, treasure chest from the thrift store, little pillows from the children's hospital, amazing ruffled afghan handmade by her amazing crocheting Grandma

 And here is her wall of butterflies.  

Paper butterflies from Clair's mommy's Silhouette - wings folded up along the body line and stuck on with gooey stuff on the body so the wings stick out, closet doors tied shut because MY craft stuff is in there!

She loves all her butterflies and says goodnight to them and wants me to sing songs about them and tell her butterfly stories.  Butterflies make her face light up like this:

And that is why I put them there.


  1. Just found your blog!! So cute! You are so witty. Oh and you're my hero!

    Love ya! I'm reading :)

    1. Thank you - you are too kind! And of course I'm a hero. I get rid of ants. Sort of. Kind of. Well, not really at all. But I haven't yet gone crazy (that may be debatable). Love you too, you beautiful lady!