Thursday, January 17, 2013

Top Posts of 2012

Just because it's interesting to know what gets read, here are my most-visited posts from last year:

5. Of Souls and Sauce.  It might be a little weird to be thinking about people whilst canning applesauce, but there may be a good analogy, or a good lesson to be learned from just about everything in this mortal life.

4. The Late Late Show, which is about my eldest boy and his accomplishments, not about TV shows that are on after you should be in bed.

3. About Folding Baby Clothes.  I should have more accurately titled that post "About NOT Folding Baby Clothes."  This one is part of my "What I Wish I'd Known" series about things I've learned since I was a young mother.  I think I should pick that one up and write more on that series.

2. Possessions Moving Syndrome.  Alec gets a kick out of telling people about his mother's PMS.  And I just moved the dining table, and want to move some couches in front of the fire.  Possessions Moving Syndrome lives on.

1. 27 Days to a Happy Mom.  I linked this one to the Nester's 30 Days Series, and she sent people over to see what I wrote in October.  I learned a lot about how to be really happy.

I think I'll keep writing for another year.  You can read if you want.

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