Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Things I've lost or missed while I've been sick:

Ben's basketball game.  And they won!  Congratulations to you, and hopefully your mother will be there to cheer you on for the next game.  Without tissues or cough drops.

My mind.  I keep reading things wrong.  My sister in law sent an email to ask if we would be interested in trying any "alternative curses" to help us get better.  After closer examination, I think she meant "cures."  Maybe it would take an "alternative curse" to get us back on track.

Appointments.  David and Eddie both had school-related appointments I was supposed to take them to, but I forgot.  Reschedule.  And cancel the sick, while you are at it.

Time.  I can't make time travel straight anymore.  Not that I've ever been really good at managing time, but now it goes all over the place.  Sometimes the minutes crawl agonizingly slowly, and other times I can't believe that it is so far past dinnertime!  With no dinner yet!

Church.  I have not gone to all of my meetings for four weeks, and I really miss them.  I have a bit of a spiritual drag going on, as well as a physical one.  Nothing else fills my bucket quite like going to church.

Motivation.  Was there something I was supposed to get done today?  Can't think of anything.  Guess I'll just sit and hold this here couch down.

Inclination to blog.  I guess I don't think there is all that much about our colds that is very interesting to write about.  Mucous, coughing, sneezing, fevers, delirium...   Blech.

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