Saturday, January 26, 2013

Picture Shelves

Just had to snap a shot of how the picture shelves are turning out.  I've wanted to have a black-and-white display of original art here.  Because I can.  It, like the rest of life, is a work in progress.  Must get more frames.  Must frame what I have.  Must get more art.  I put our new Family Home Evening Chart up for a splash of color.  Let's be real.  I haven't put a hanger on the back of it to really hang it on the wall, and the picture shelves are the only place where it will be high enough for the twins to not play with it.  But it looks good there.

Here's a close-up of the framed works of  two of my favorite artists: Ben (Corvette on the left) and Chris (Aslan on the right).  I think my kids are amazing.  Moms are supposed to think that, you know?  
But I'm right.

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