Thursday, January 10, 2013

When Mom is Sick

When Mom is sick, things run differently.

The little kids can stay in their pajamas all day.  This cuts down on morning and evening prep.  Bonus..

The medium kids have to make dinner.  David and Eddie learned how to put together an easy shepherd's pie  with canned vegetables and instant mashed potatoes.

The big kids have to do all the cleanup.  Ben did comment on the state of the kitchen when I hadn't cleaned up breakfast, lunch, or snacks.  But he did it anyway.  Chris cleaned up the wooden blocks - about ten times.

Alec and Angel were sick with me, so we just sat around and shivered and moaned at each other.  It's kind of nice to have company.

I thought about watching Jane Eyre or figuring out what all the Downtown Abbey fuss is about, but I couldn't concentrate well enough to watch a show.  I was even reading entire words backwards.  Pathetic.

I was impressed with how well the boys worked together.  And they even commented on realizing how much I do during the day.  I feel miserable, but appreciated.  Even sick, I still love being a mom.

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