Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Of Souls and Sauce

I've been making applesauce today.  Actually, I've been making applesauce for the past week or so.  With all my little helpers, it's been quite a process to work around little fingers, sharp knives, and boiling pans.

I haven't been saucing Red Delicious.  It was just the only apple left when I was done.  

Trent and the boys picked unwanted apples from two trees and brought me home boxes of sweet red Jonathans and crunchy yellow Golden Delicious apples.  Yum.  I made a few batches of applesauce on the stove, and then a few of apple butter in my crock pots.  Have to say I'm converted to the crock.  Again (thanks for the tip, Heidi!).

The process is time-consuming.  These were not great apples, but were bruised and full of worm holes.  I spent hours at the sink, sorting and washing and cutting out bad parts.  While I worked, I had plenty of time to think and learn.  There are many similarities between apples and people.

I learned that while there are occasional "flesh wounds," most blemishes are actually larger than they appear. We never know how deep a hurt goes.

I learned many people would throw away a badly bruised apple, but most of them, upon closer inspection, are at least 2/3 good.  Don't underestimate how much good there may be.  And don't judge too quickly.

I learned that knives cut.  I need to be careful with sharp things (my tongue, maybe?).

I learned that nobody is perfect, but there are all kinds of good.

I learned that when I find a flaw, it is to my best interest to cut it out quickly, and completely.  Letting it sit just increases the damage, and infects all the neighbors.

No one wants to look at the garbage, but we all have it!

I learned that I'd rather deal with an apple with one large bruise than a pretty apple riddled with wormholes.

I learned that I work better when I am standing on a soft rug.  I need to keep my feet comfortably grounded in good things to allow the rest of me to work without tiring.

I learned that good results take work.  And time.  Sometimes lots of both.

I learned that I should not procrastinate.  That only makes the job worse.  And bad apples make my whole house smell bad.

I leaned that I like being home.  Home.  Not just in my house, but fully engaged at being home.

And I learned that when I am blessed to be in the company of a truly beautiful apple, I should take my time and savor it.  Make the most of now, and enjoy it.

And cooking spiced apple butter in crocks makes the house smell delicious!


  1. I have a good crock pot recipe for applesauce if you're interested. Trade ya for the apple butter one!