Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Marshmallow Snowmen

We finally got out and played in the snow.  Every day, as the twins woke up and squinted out the window, Georgie would say, "Still.  Snow."  And Freddie would croak in with, "Need.  Build.  No.  Man."  They were dying to make some snowmen, but the snow was too powdery.  And Mom hasn't wanted to go outside.  Too sick.  Can't breathe in the yucky air.  But not today.  Finally!  We built maybe a half-dozen snowmen before the gloves got too wet and the toes got too cold and we had to come in for hot cocoa.  Looking at these faces watching me make lunch, I decided that they needed something more exciting than just PBJ (again).  So I made more snowmen.

It was nothing complicated or time-consuming, but I did get good-mother points.  Large marshmallows, a bit of food coloring (orange for the "carrot nose" and blue for the dotted mouth), toothpicks (for stability, arms, and painting on food coloring), chocolate chips (for the eyes), and a bit of frosting to hold on the eyes.  Easy. 

They loved their marshmallow snowmen!  And it made me feel like a crafty Mom (which I really am not).  I'll take all the bonus points I can get.

Trent arranged them on the plate as if they were having a snowball fight.  At our house, they probably were.

I hope I remember to go play in the snow with my kids more.  It's good for all of us.

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