Friday, January 4, 2013

Looking for Lotion

I finally felt well enough to get out and do a few errands today.  I hope I am slowly slinking away from the flu.  I've been over the sickness for a week, but still just tired.  It helps when I can sleep!

I took Freddie and Georgie to pick up a few things at the pharmacy today.  Our home remedies have been quite depleted.  We were looking for lotion, to soothe our winter-chapped hands.  Georgie was singing, "Lotion!  Lotion!  Where are you?"  Freddie suddenly stood up in the cart (highly discouraged) and pointed. "There it is!" he crowed.

I looked over and saw... um, personal lubricants.  Not the right kind of lotion.  :-)

I finally got our vacation food post up.  Look back at December 29th to see it.  I have recipes and everything!  Now I'm hungry.  Must go make dinner.

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