Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yoga Man

Trent decided, after watching me do my daily contortions exercises for the past few weeks, that he would accompany me.  It doesn't look that hard, and if I (who am tragically un-athletic) can do it, he certainly could, too.

We sat down on the floor to begin the video, and he learned how to breathe.  It was hard to maintain a steady, even breath because he kept making comments about breathing.  Yoga Video Lady said "Keep breathing," and he blurted out, "Thank goodness she said that!"  She instructed us to fill our lungs with air, and he wondered what else would go in there.  It's hard to breathe smoothly when you are laughing.

We lay down on our backs to do leg lifts.  Sure enough, here came all the little ones.  Dogpile!  On Daddy!  I had a much easier time that normal because all three of them wanted to climb all over him and left me alone.  This is working for me!

I was actually really impressed with how well he kept up.  The first time I did the video, I could only drag through about 15 minutes.  Trent was able to stay with it as long as I did!  He has much better endurance than I do, and a lot more strength.  I whipped him with the flexibility exercises (I can put my hands flat on the floor!), but he's all over me for things like squats.  And he's such a good sport.

He can't quite do a downward-facing dog (his feet won't stay planted and he slides backwards), but he was game to give it a good try.  He even did a reasonably good king dancer.

What a gem my Trent is.  I'm a lucky girl to have him (even if, after this, he's not terribly interested in doing yoga again).Maybe next time I'll go attempt to play racquetball (his favorite) with him.  Maybe.

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