Monday, March 12, 2012

Here I Are!

Angel got lost.  Not really - she'd been hiding from me all afternoon, then demanding that I hunt her down.  I don't mind playing games with her, and the longer I can draw things out, the more fun it is (and the less I have to stop and actually look).

"Mommy!  Where'm are I?" called her plaintive little voice.
"Is that my Angel?  I don't see her," was my response while putting a pan on the stove for dinner.
"I're lost!" she muffled back.
"Where is my girl?" I asked.  "I can't find my girl."
"Find me, Mommy!"
"Where are you?  I have lost my Angel!"  I pulled out some rice for dinner and put it in the cooker.  I think I put together most of our stroganoff dinner while "looking" for her.

I was starting to wonder where she was when, to my surprise, the corner cupboard door popped open.

"Here I are!"  

And now that is her favorite place to play and spin slowly around.  We keep the lower cabinets either tied shut (with hefty rubber bands), or relatively empty.  I guess there is plenty of space to climb on in.  I'm glad you are here, my little Angel!

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