Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tough as Nails

I have great fingernails.  The skin around them is always raggedy, so I'll never be a hand model, but I do have nice nails.  They grow fast, they are well-proportioned, and they are strong.  I used to always keep them short and practical.  Now, Tom thinks they look nice, so I let them grow out - and I even occasionally paint them.  Someone has to do a bit of girl around here.  They grow longer until I get sick of them.  Like when I start wondering if I could type with my knuckles.  Then I chop them off and they start to grow again.

I was recently asked (by Ben) to accompany a trombone solo at a school concert.  Of course.  I am a pianist, even if I haven't played for a while.  It's like riding a bicycle, isn't it?

And all I'm going to say is that my lovely, painted nails and a piano performance don't mix very well.  I knew that.  Sorry, Ben.

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