Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Alec!

My oldest just arrived at 18.  I don't know whether that or me hitting 40 makes me feel older.

Handsome senior pictures, in our backyard

Before he was even born, I knew he would be a boy, and that he would have a marvelous, strong personality.  That strong will has led to more than a few conflicts over the years, but with lots of prayer, we somehow get through them.  I'll have to write more about that sometime.

Alec has been attending a charter school during his high school years, and has really thrived there.  The school is on the campus of our nearby university, and he's been taking college courses along with his high school requirements.  In fact, he will soon graduate with both his high school diploma and his Associate's degree.  I'm so proud of the hard work he's been doing.  I had my reservations about him leaving our neighborhood high school because his school is 20 minutes away, but now I'm glad Trent talked me into it.

I'm looking through picture albums to find some good shots of him, and am swept up by put-away memories and vibrant feelings.  Pictures of him meticulously building things, lovingly caring for Angel, setting up our home computer network, getting his Eagle Scout award, baptizing Eddie, spinning about on the college ballroom dance team, driving Ben to band, going to prom, playing Foosball with his brothers, forever drumming on the desk while he writes a paper for English...

The corsage he made (by himself!) for his Homecoming date

Alec has always been my little man.  I swear he was born a miniature adult.  He's always been right in the middle of the adults, taking care of things.  I'm excited, and sad, to see him grow up.  It won't be long now before he spreads his wings and flies from the nest.  I gave him bachelor-pad dishes and kitchenware for his birthday.  That's what he wanted.

I am in awe of the man you are becoming, and delighted to see you step into those shoes.  Stick with us for a wee bit longer, and we'll have your wings done in no time.  Happy birthday, Alec!

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