Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Family Fun(?) Center

Well, they did it.  They talked me into going to the family fun center.  The boys, having received year-long passes for Christmas (you're welcome), have been going there about every week.  I can usually come up with an easy excuse to not go.  The boys love going, but it really doesn't appeal to me.  I know what I would do if the whole family went together: spend a few hours trying to herd our little ones in small spaces.  Not fun.  I know, it's dreadfully un-family-ish, and un-mother-ish.

But they talked me into going.  I will admit that I was ungracefully grouchy about going.  I should have at least been fake-happy about being together with the family, but I wasn't.  I need to work more on that.

So this is what we did.  The boys all went to play a round of laser tag, and I took the little ones outside.  They found the airplanes right off, and Angel couldn't wait to get on.  What fun!

The babies love everything helicopter and airplane, and couldn't stand to just watch the action from outside the fence, so we let them ride, too.

They were having a great time going around, until the plane actually left the ground.  Then they both screamed until the ride ended.  They couldn't wait to get off that terrible ride.

Trent took Freddie on a little spin in the car.  I'll just take the wheel now, Dad.

The wind started to whip up so we went back inside.  The laser tag session over, David was great to occupy  the twins in the little play zone.

Ben took Angel and Eddie on the FrogHopper.  He was cute to hold Angel's hand and talk to her soothingly the whole time.  Eddie loved it!  He took Angel on the ride again, but she wasn't so sure about it that time.

They all got back in line to play a few more rounds of laser tag.  Chris won, and got the family's all-time high score of over 16,000 points (whatever that means, but he wrote it very largely on the white board when he got home).

I guess it wasn't too bad.  I mean, I'm not ready to go again this weekend, but I suppose I will go again eventually.  Our passes are good until next December.  They are.  And the kids love it.  <sigh>  That's part of being a parent, though, isn't it?  Doing things that make your kids happy and build memories, even if it isn't your personal favorite?  I'll be better about it next time.  (Sorry for my bad attitude!)

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