Thursday, March 1, 2012


They came into the downstairs bathroom first.  Little, tiny ants.  They were few at first, wandering aimlessly across our fashionably dated linoleum, but then they invited all of their friends to join the party.  And they migrated to the upstairs bathroom.  I asked the boys to clean the floors in the bathrooms.

But last night, I noticed that they had invaded MY bathroom.  My personal floor space had tiny critters scurrying around on it.  I'm not squeamish about bugs and things, but I'd rather not share my space with them.  They did give me the creepy-crawlies when I had to go in at night, when I couldn't see them.

Today, I declared war.  To prepare, I put a celebratory batch of cinnamon rolls in the oven.  Then, I donned my cat-woman outfit.   Super heroes always work better when they have on their outfits.  I swept and mopped and took the (crawling) garbage all the way out to the curb (running, because it was snowing and I wasn't wearing cat-woman shoes).  I wiped and disinfected.  And by gum, I won.

Yup.  I got rid of them varmints.  I can take on ants.  I'm just super hero awesome like that.

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