Friday, February 17, 2012

Free Weights

I'm exercising.  It's a big deal, because I hate exercising.  Hate it, hate it.  OK, I hate most of it.  I like riding my bike (not biking - way too strenuous), and I like going for a nice walk.  An amble, shall we say. But my bike has flat tires, and going for a walk means pulling our yard wagon with three little people in it. Again, way too strenuous.  And it's winter.  It's hard to get out.  But I have to move - I'm getting a little bit stir-crazy all cooped up in the house.

So I decided to do a yoga video.  Partly because it might be good for me, and partly because I still can't do a sit-up since being pregnant with twins, and partly because it was 50 cents at the thrift store.  I got it for myself for Christmas.

They say leg lifts can help tone your abdominal muscles.  Looks easy, right?  Lay on your back (no problem!)...

Now lift those legs as high as you can...

And lower them back to the floor...

I forgot the part about the immaculate exercise room, the colorful mat and the cute workout clothes.  Pay no nevermind to the appearance that this lady doesn't need to exercise.

So I went into my messy living room, laid down on the floor (the easy part), in my frumpy sweats.  No sooner had I done so than the twins took advantage of what they thought was some fun Mom time, and draped themselves across my body.  C'mon guys!  This is hard enough without the free weights.  Oomph.

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