Monday, October 1, 2012

27 Days to a Happy Mom

Welcome to our lively, crazy, maddeningly marvelous home!  I've been coming out of my cocoon of depression for the last year, and I'm finally figuring out how fun it is to be happy.  Not the giddy junior high girl kind of happy, or the Prozac kind, either.  And I'm not promoting happiness just for the sake of being happy.  Quite the contrary:

As I have been discouraged, I found that trying to be happy just made me more discouraged that I wasn't happy yet.  But I'm slowly learning that life is better when I am happy.  Just the peaceful, smile-on-my-face, quiet, life-is-good kind of happy.  Other people find it easier to be around me when I'm happy.  My home runs more smoothly when I'm happy.  I make and keep friends more when I am happy.  My husband is happy when I am happy.  And how better to teach my children to be happy than... you've got it.

So I'll be writing this month about how to be a happy mom - because not only is it possible, but wonderful!  Join me for:

I'm joining in with the Nester and, oh... hundreds of other online writers (Anita is listed at #727.  And there are over 1200.  Wow!) who are taking the  "31 Days" challenge.  Mine will only be 27 days because I won't be writing on the Sabbath.  Hope to see you all the other days!

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