Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So Stay Married

27 Days to a Happy Mom - Day 8

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Let's see... I am writing this - and presumably you are reading this - all for the pursuit of happiness.  I would like to be more happy and have less depression.  I would like to be more healthy.  I would like to live longer.  I would like to renew and strengthen families - my own family, my extended family, and families in general.  I would like to give my children the best possible chance for success in this life: safety, educational, emotional, social, financial, health, and love.  I would like my children to go on and have healthy relationships and  families of their own.  I would like to have a respect for and protect human life.  I would like my neighborhood to be safe.  I would like my children - and their peers! - to have less substance abuse, crime, and sexually promiscuous behaviors.  I would like my community to have less poverty and dependence on welfare.

Would you like all this, too?  Then marry and stay married.  I know it's not always that simple.  But all these benefits are shown to come to individuals and communities where people mate for life.

Nurturing a marriage relationship is sometimes hard.  Don't all good things require us to grow and sweat sometimes?  Really, it is worth it.

Besides, if I can get and stay happily married, then I will have a regular friend.  I will have a soft place to land.  I will have a trusted confidante.  I will have someone to dance with, to watch movies with, and eat dinner with.  I will have someone to help me figure out a jumbled mess of budgeting, put the kids to bed, and take care of our home.  I will have someone to care of me when I'm not doing well.  I will have someone to scratch that spot I can't reach between my shoulder blades.  I will have someone to laugh with and cry with.

I understand that there are exceptions.  There are some to whom the blessing of marriage just doesn't come.  There are those who suffer in abusive relationships.  My heart breaks for you.  The exceptions, however, do not change the rule. Marriage - a life-long dedication between a man and a woman - is the tried and true best way to live.

And if my sweetheart dies or gets incapacitated or decides to leave me (or I have to leave him), I will be a better lover because of the effort I've put into the relationship.  I will have stronger relationships with others around me.  I will be more prepared to deal with the heartache and loss.  And, if I decide to, I will be more able to attract another person into my life.  I know.  I've been there.

Just for today... chose to be committed to your marriage.  There are so many benefits which astronomically outweigh the challenges.  Really!

dedicated to my late sweetheart and my current one - thank you both for your love!

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