Friday, October 12, 2012

Blithe and Breezy in the Bedroom

27 Days to a Happy Mom - Day 11

Blithe: joyous, merry, or happy in disposition; glad; cheerful
Breezy: carefree or lighthearted; fresh; sprightly
Bedroom: that place where we bring all our troubles when we are tired

I don't know about you, but I don't walk into my bedroom at night with a come-hither attitude.  Part of that has to do with the cluttery state of the room (where we keep everything that we don't want the twins to get into);  part of it is my physical exhaustion at the end of the day;  and a good part of it is that I've forgotten how to speak bedroom-ese.  But if, following my own advice, I decide that I want to stay married to this man of mine and commit to make it work, then I get to have some happy action in the bedroom as well.

I find that if I'm frustrated or stressed in our relationship, intimacy is the first thing to go.  I just don't feel affectionate when I'm not happy.  But... knowing that my husband loves to be held, and it's good for our relationship as well, I feel that it's ok if I indulge him even if I don't feel like it.  Because {you know it's true} after a while, I do feel like it.  And I fix what makes me not feel like it.  And then we're both happy.

I won't go into any specifics (my kids are reading!), but date night is a good way to rekindle the fire.  Read what USA Today has to say about the National Marriage Project's report on spending regular time together.  Stop by the Dating Divas for lots of fun and creative date ideas.  And - best of all - please read this post and this one at ablogaboutlove for feeling desirable and lovely.

Just for today... work on feeling beautiful - and then share the love!

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