Thursday, October 18, 2012

Clean Up Your Act

27 Days to a Happy Mom - Day 16

I am not happy when I live in a pig sty.  That's what my mom used to call our house (her house!) when we messed it all up.  A pig sty.  And no one wanted to be there.  Not that my childhood home was all that bad - Mom kept it nice - but it wasn't Lysol clean.  I had a friend whose house was immaculate.  Disinfected doorknobs and carpet all combed the same direction.  That was just as uncomfortable as a mess.

But if you do a little bit of tidy, your house will feel better.  And you will feel more happy.  And so will your family.  I won't tell you how to clean because my way is almost certainly different than your way.  Or your mother's way.  Or your mother-in-law's way.  And that's ok.  Figure out whatever way works best for you, then do it.  And have your little ones help.  And then do just a wee bit more.

But here is how to clean your home in 19 minutes.  Want to fake a clean house?  This is my favorite for keeping the whole house clean and manageable.  Tips and tricks are all over.  You can clean up, and it will be worth it.

Just for today... go shine your sink, make your bed, tidy the floor, and start making habits to keep it that way.

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