Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Don't Have To Help

27 Days to a Happy Mom - Day 21

Of all the "just say no" images I looked through, this one was my favorite.  Probably because the "no" is green, symbolically saying to me, "I really don't want to so I'll tell you no, but if you wheedle or press the issue, I'll cave in and say yes anyway."

How many times, as mothers, as women, are we asked to help?  Your supermarket change for a local sick child.  Your patience as a room mother.  Your very limited time for a needy friend.  Your meager talent for the church class.  And you know we ought to.  It would be a sin to turn someone away, wouldn't it?  And we feel guilty for even thinking it.

Let me tell you, ladies, that you can't say yes to everyone.  Plan your schedule, write up your priorities, and see what will work in your life.  Take out a few non-essentials and make room for some service, but you really don't have to cater to everyone.  Not even to your husband.  Or your children.

When you live your life really for you - and not for everyone else - then you have the ability, the space, the happiness to say yes to some.  Take those hands off your steering wheel and you'll be able to help others with their boxes.  And you'll be happy to help.

I'm making cupcakes for cub scouts tomorrow.  I feel good, needed, when I can help out.  But it feels a million times better when I serve because I want to, and not because I feel like I have to or I was guilted into it.  More happy is better.

Just for today... say yes to you so you can say yes to (a few) others.

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