Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happiness Through Hope

27 Days to a Happy Mom - Day 6

Boy, I'm hard to live with sometimes.  I get mired down in the diapers or the dishes and I drive myself crazy.  Ultimately, I can never be happy unless I have something real and enduring to be happy about.  I need to have something big, something bigger than me to believe in.  I need something big and happy to hope for - not the laundry to be done, not for the bickering to resolve, not for the weeding to get done.

I hope for a resolution of all life's problems, and for that enduring peace I can only get from giving my troubles to the Lord.  That kind of hope helps me get through the dreary days.  It lifts my heart and gives meaning to my daily chores.

As I organize and prioritize the things in my life, I find that when I am doing the tasks that help me accomplish my biggest goals, I am most happy, regardless of how cheerful or encouraging those individual tasks may or may not be.

And to work it backwards, sacrificing the things we may want a lot now may help us to get the things we really, desperately long for.  Those are our hopes and dreams.  It's no shame to hope that things will get better than what they are now.  Hope helps us to get cheerful in even difficult times.

The Lord has big and awesome things in store for you.  Heaven is real.  You are more than what anyone sees right now.  Your tomorrows can always be brighter than your yesterdays have been.  The things you want, deep down in your heart, can really come true for you.  Keep that hope burning, and let it be a light to guide the things you do today.

Just for today...allow yourself to hope for something truly great and good.  Think about it; savor it; let it settle into your heart and make you smile.

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