Wednesday, May 30, 2012

These Are the Days

I love it when the weather finally gets warm enough that we can play outside - but before it gets so hot that we melt.  Usually we have a week or two of such loveliness between seasons, and I usually blink and it's gone, or I forget to go outside.  But this weekend, the boys noticed how nice it was, and they all trooped outside.  After our stormy outing to the air show, they wanted to bask in the sunshine and warm up while they ate lunch.  I can't blame them.

It was fun that they all lined up in a row there, outside our patio doors.  I need to get the patio cleaned off so we can enjoy it.  Oh, and a fence to keep in the little ones would be nice, as long as I am dreaming.  And grass.  We need the grass to grow.  You can't see it in this picture, but the lawn drops off sharply just in front of the boys.  In spite of the fact that the elevation of the patio lets us be seen by all the neighbors, we love to sit here, because it is so pretty.

In the winter, we can clearly see the mountain over yonder, and the lake betwixt.  When the trees are leafed out, we get to see the trees.  I love trees.  Maybe we will plant more trees on the hill and pretend we live in a forest.  I like where we live.  The Lord sure made a beautiful Earth, didn't He?

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