Monday, May 28, 2012

Air Show

We were planning to (finally) put in our garden today, and let our little plants start growing already.  But it was a holiday, after all, and we wanted to go out and do something fun.

So we jumped in the car (and the van, since we don't all fit in one vehicle), and drove.  For a long time.  Then we sat in bad traffic with all the other cars.  Then we followed traffic directors and got into a huge parking lot.  We all piled out, loaded up the regular stroller and the double stroller and our water bottles and our hats and jackets and blankets and folding chairs AND all the kids.  Then we started to walk and walk and walk to get to the field where we could watch the air show.  All the boys (including the Dad-boy) were really excited about seeing the planes.

And then, in the middle of our long walk, it started to rain.  It rained and rained and soaked through our hats.  The wind whipped rain through our jackets.  Our shoes got squishy.  Our faces were dripping.  David and Eddie were cold (Note to D & E: next time when Dad tells you to wear more than a t-shirt and light shorts in a storm... listen).  The babies were shivering.  It was miserable.  And then we noticed that there were more people leaving the airfield than going to it.  The show had been cancelled due to the wind and rain.  Drat.

So we left, and squished back to the van and the car, unloaded our now-wet everythings, and buckled back up.  We were wet and cold and hungry, so we went out to get some lunch.  We dried off while we ate, and the rain stopped!

We went back to drive through the traffic, followed the traffic directors, and got into the huge parking lot again.  We unloaded everything and the kids, and decided not to walk and walk and walk.  We rode the shuttle bus instead this time.  Angel and the babies were thrilled to be on a bus.  Freddie said we were on a "but."  He loved it.

We got to the field much faster this time.  The boys were so excited to see the planes on display, but Trent was anxious to see the stunt fliers.  I made them all stop for a picture.  Moms do that.

Angel was amazed that we got to walk inside a plane.  Here is proof that I went, too.

After we looked at a few planes on the ground, it was time to watch the planes in the sky.  

It was a fun day, full of noise and speed and daring (the guys loved it) and airplanes and helicopters (the little ones loved it) and family togetherness (Mom loved it too).

Oh yeah, and Ben was happy to learn that he isn't yet too tall to fly an Air Force fighter jet.  They have a 6-foot, 7-inch cutoff.  He can grow two more inches!  Whew.


  1. We ALMOST went! I opted not to with the weather, but in the end it looks like it cleared up and turned into a great day!! Love you guys!

  2. Welllll... no, it didn't really clear up. It was still a little sprinlkly, and chilly and windy, even in the afternoon. It cleared up just enough for the planes to fly again, and that was the important part. I think it took until the next morning for us all to really warm up again, though. We'll have to go all together next time!